Thursday, December 17, 2009

Castle of the Mad Archmage December Release Now Available!

Sweet merciful bloodstained Gods! It's done, and just in time for the Yuletide!

It is with no small amount of relief that I am pleased to report that the latest version of the Castle of the Mad Archmage is now ready and available for download. As usual, it's free, and available as a 3+ MB pdf file.

This was a really difficult level to write, for a variety of reasons, but one of the chief ones was the fact that it is in fact really 40 or so mini-dungeons, all working off a central core. Trying to keep things from being too repetitive was a challenge, as was trying to keep the pendulum from swinging in the opposite "every encounter is a weird bat$#!t thing you've never seen before!" direction. I hope I've struck a nice balance.

I must especially thank my co-conspirators; Joe Bardales for his as-always terrific mapping (and dealing with seemingly endless revisions and corrections, mostly my own fault) and Steve "Honorary Joe" Rubin (because everyone working on this project must, of course, be a Joe) for catching scores and scores of errors, continuity glitches, and other flubs to elevate the whole thing to something much more professional-looking. And both as volunteers. My congratulations and profound thanks, gentlemen.

As always, comments, questions, observations, and the like are more than welcome. Feel free to trumpet the news hither and yon; CotMA is once more blessed (?) with a new level, and there are more to come. Hopefully Level 8: THE LESSER CAVES will come much more quickly than this one. I'm shooting to get back on my monthly schedule. And bonuses! Oh, man, do I have extra stuff planned... But more details on that when the time is ripe.

Download it --> here <--

EDIT: Some folks have reported a limit on the number of downloads RapidShare will allow at any given time. Thus, I have also uploaded the latest and greatest version of CotMA over at MediaFire. You can download it --> here <--