Friday, June 18, 2010

Combat in Adventures Dark and Deep

For your weekend reading pleasure, I present a draft extract from my Adventures Dark and Deep Players Guide. This is the chapter on combat, in some ways the easiest, but in others one of the hardest, chapters to write. I made a deliberate attempt to streamline the old 1E combat system; things that used to be described in paragraphs of hard-to-do math (like firing missile weapons into melee) are now handled through (hopefully) easy-to-read tables.

Pummeling, grappling, and overbearing take up but a single page, and according to my test combats, they seem to work pretty well (and they use regular "to hit" dice; no more annoying percentiles just because you're punching someone). You won't find the "to hit" tables here, but they'll be along the same lines as those found in the old 1E DMG (although I'm toying with some ideas to make them easier to work with, too).

The whole thing runs to 8 pages, and at least to me it's a lot easier to follow than the 1E explanation, and also includes optional rules for critical hits and fumbles. There are ten basic actions you can take in combat, some of which must begin or end either in melee or not. It's all spelled out, hopefully in a way that makes sense to someone other than the author. I've run a bunch of test combats using the rules, and they seem to flow pretty well, but they would, considering I wrote them. I'd welcome any constructive input you might have. Do the rules seem clear? That's my primary stylistic goal. Do they work? That's my primary design goal (obviously). Enjoy!

Download the chapter ---> HERE <---