Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Ultimate City of Greyhawk Map?

Regular readers will remember that, back in college I made a set of hand-drawn maps of the city of Greyhawk, based on the sketch map found in the front of Gary Gygax's book City of Hawks. A few years ago I found them and scanned them, and they've been available on this blog since then (over to the right in the "free downloads" section).

About a month ago, Alfons H., out of the goodness of his heart, cleaned up my scans, replacing the hand-done labels with easier to read text. That was a terrific surprise, coming out of the blue as it did.

However, now I (and all Greyhawk fans) have been gifted with yet another iteration of those same hand-drawn maps I did back in the 1980's. One Alex Camacho and friend took those scans and turned them into this work of absolute full-color 17"x22" beauty:

The one he originally sent me had some modified names to suit their own campaign, but he very graciously altered the labels back to the originals. So now we have a full-color map, based on Gary Gygax's original, that will fit the map key for the blue "City of Greyhawk" boxed set, all in one piece rather than four separate pages. I took the file to Staples and got an absolutely gorgeous glossy print out for $25. I might just get another to keep flat (and laminated), as I'm going to have to fold this one to take it with me as I game. But this is now my "official" City of Greyhawk map for my own game, and I cannot thank Alex enough for his efforts.

You can download the .pdf file off to the right in the "Free Resources" section.