Thursday, May 3, 2012

Yes, There Will be Miniatures!

Big news coming out of the phenomenally successful Ogre Designer's Edition kickstarter campaign. According to Steve Jackson in Update #17:
The $450,000 goal is . . . Somehow, some way, we WILL bring back the miniatures. Maybe resin, maybe metal. I have already gotten some interesting responses from custom casters.
Well, boys and girls, the count now stands at a staggering $465,779 (of an initial goal of merely $20,000, I might add). So, to quote today's update:
Yes, there will be miniatures!

There's talk of a mystery stretch goal if they hit $500,000, which seems within the realm of possibility, considering they still have a week to go. So if you haven't yet committed to supporting Ogre Designer's Edition, now's your chance!

Happy National Day of Reason!

"What if?" Movie Posters

I came across this site today, and I'm loving it! It's a collection of "What if?" movie posters by Peter Stults; taking films we know and (mostly) love and turning them on their heads with new actors, directors, time periods, and of course wonderfully retro movie posters. Here are just two-- there are tons more on the site, and some of them are available for sale as prints! I might just get the Fritz Lang "2001: Odyssee Im Weltraum" poster if it was available.