Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Convention Question

Looking ahead to my 2013 convention schedule, it looks like I might-- just might-- be able to hit a non-local convention this year, in addition to Dreamation, NJcon, Dexcon, and Metatopia (and possibly NEPACon, too). The question is, which one?

GenCon: The big, obvious choice. But I'm not sure how much there would be for someone like me who doesn't play 4E or Pathfinder. I know there's the OSR Booth in the dealers' room (anyone know how to get hold of those guys), but is there anything else for me?

North Texas RPG Con: Lots of OSR goodness to be found here, but I wonder if it's a little too small to warrant schlepping halfway across the country for?

GaryCon: Another obvious choice, but also another small one. It's also coming up quickly, so I'd need to commit soon.

Any advice on choosing from folks who've been at one or more of these cons recently, or other conventions I've missed? I didn't include Origins purposefully; I'm a little more focused on RPGs at the moment than wargames (for obvious reasons). Thanks in advance!

Of course, I could just go to Shore Leave this year. Haven't been there in years, and it would do my old Trekker's heart good to see it again, and that's something the family would want to come for, too.

Where "Flying Buffalo" Got Its Name

Over at ICV2 there's a nice little article about old-time game company Flying Buffalo, along with a brief interview with founder/owner Rick Loomis, wherein the mystery of where the name of the company came from. Fascinating trip down memory lane; I was deeply into play-by-mail games in the 1980's, and naturally played a lot of FB games. Nuclear War/Nuclear Escallation remains a favorite of mine as well, and Tunnels & Trolls is, of course, one of the longest-lived games around. Enjoy!


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