Saturday, February 1, 2014

Suspense & Decision Issue 3 Now Available

The third issue of the play-by-mail e-zine "Suspense and Decision" is now available. I've got to say, for a subset of the gaming hobby which was supposedly defunct, there sure seems to be a lot of material to write about. This 'zine is coming out at a prodigious pace, and even though I don't play PBM games any more, I still find it fascinating.

In fact, even folks who never played PBM games will find something in here to enjoy, I think. There's an article on "Five Tips To Make Your Play-By-Post D&D Game A Long-Lived Success" by Cayzle Alterio, and an article on girls in gaming, "You Go, Gamer Girl!" by "Amber."

There is also a lot of material on the reboot of one of the classic games of the PBM heyday, "Phoenix: Beyond the Stellar Empire." BSE was one of the really huge PBM games back in the day, and it's now back. I might be tempted to start a ship again- that was one of the best ones out there.

I know a lot of OSR types are also big fans of REH's Conan novels, and should seriously consider giving the PBM game "Hyborian Wars" a try. This is a game I played myself several times in the past, and enjoyed it thoroughly. It's still being run, and it's certainly worth at least a look for dedicated Howard fans. This issue of S&D has several articles dedicated to the game. I am again tempted to give it a go once more.

All in all, another great effort by Grimfinger, and I look forward to the next. One of these days I'm going to get off my butt and write those articles about "Starmaster" and "Sail the Solar Winds" I keep talking about...